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How to Operation and Maintenance during Valve Operation

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  (1) keep the valve external and active parts clean, protect the integrity of the valve paint. Valve surface, stem and stem nut trapezoidal thread, stem nut and support sliding parts and gear, worm gear and worm gear and other parts easy to deposit a lot of dust, oil and media residue and other dirt, wear and corrosion of the valve. Therefore, valves should always be kept clean. The general dust on the valve is applicable to brush brush sweep and compressed air blow sweep, and even can use copper wire brush wash, until the processing surface, with the surface showing metallic luster, paint surface shows paint color so far. Steam trap should be responsible for a special person, each shift at least once check; Open flush valve and steam trap bottom wire block regularly to flush, or remove periodically to flush, so as to avoid dirt blocking valve.

  (2) maintain the lubrication of the valve, valve trapezoidal thread, stem nut and support sliding parts, bearing position, gear and worm long stem meshing parts and other moving parts with good lubrication conditions, reduce mutual friction, avoid mutual wear. For the parts without oil cups or nozzles, which are easily damaged or lost in operation, the lubrication system should be repaired, and the dredging of oil roads should be verified.

  Lubrication parts should be lubricated regularly according to the specific situation. Frequently open valves with high temperature are suitable for refueling once a week to once a month; Do not often open, temperature is not high valve refueling cycle can be longer. Lubricants include oil, butter, molybdenum disulfide and graphite. Oil is not suitable for high temperature valve; Butter is not very good either; it melts at high temperatures and runs away. High temperature valve suitable for adding molybdenum disulfide and wipe graphite powder. The lubricant place that shows outside, if the place such as acme thread, tooth USES butter to wait for grease between, if use butter to wait for grease, catch dirt extremely easily, and use molybdenum disulfide and graphite powder lubrication catch dirt not easily and lubricant effect is better than butter, graphite powder besmear directly not easily, can use a few engine oil or water to adjust synthesis cream shape can be used.

  The plug valve of oil injection seal should be filled with oil according to the specified time, otherwise it is easy to wear and leak.

  (3) keep two complete, intact. Flange and bracket bolts should be complete, full buckle, no loosening is allowed. If the fastening nut on the handwheel is loose, tighten it timely so as not to wear out the joint or lose the handwheel. After the hand wheel is lost, it is not allowed to replace the hand wheel with a movable plate. Packing differential pressure does not allow skew or no pre - tightening clearance. Susceptible to rain, snow, dust and other dirt pollution of the environment, valve stem to install a protective cover. The gauge on the valve should be complete and accurate. Valve seal, cap, pneumatic accessories should be complete and intact. Insulation jacket should be free from pits and cracks.

  In addition, the valve is not allowed to knock, support heavy objects or standing people, so as not to dirty the valve, damage the valve. In particular, non-metal mesh doors and cast iron valves, it is more taboo.

  Maintain daily maintenance of electrical equipment. The maintenance of electric devices, generally not less than once a month. Maintenance content: appearance should be clean, no dust deposition, the device is not contaminated by soda, oil; Sealing surface, point should be firm, strict. No leakage phenomenon; Lubrication parts should be lubricated as required, valve hin nuts should be lubricated; The electrical part shall be in good condition with no phase fault, automatic switch and thermal relay shall not trip, and indicator light shall display correctly.