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Importance of Safety Valves

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  In order to prevent serious accidents, adding safety valve is a common safety method, which plays a vital role in enterprise safety. The safety valve itself is limited by the service life and the impact of the environment in the process of use will cause damage, so it is necessary to timely find problems, reduce the probability of harm.

  At present, the operating nuclear power plant is only used in the nuclear island and not in the main steam system, but the main steam pilot safety valve has a good operating record in foreign nuclear power plants. Because the structure of the main steam pilot safety valve is quite different from that of the nuclear island pilot safety valve, the function principle and application of the main steam pilot safety valve are introduced.

  Safety relief valve discharge capacity

  The safety discharge capacity of safety valve, namely displacement, is one of the most important indicators to measure the performance of safety valve. Under the guidance of the patent technology of "safety valve with online function and its detection system", the displacement detection and related flow mechanism of the dynamic opening process of safety valve were studied.

   The main research contents include: according to the nozzle flow characteristics and the basic fluid control equation of the isentropic flow of ideal gas, the calculation formula of the discharge amount from the opening of the safety valve is derived, and various factors affecting the discharge capacity of the opening of the safety valve are summarized systematically. The interaction mechanism between flow field parameters of overpressure opening of safety valve, especially the variation law of gas dynamic parameters, was proposed.

   In the aspect of experimental research, displacement and other related parameters were tested respectively by spool detection sensor and flange detection sensor in the field test. Comparing the calculated values of displacement in 2d and 3d numerical simulation with the test results, the research shows that the simulation results are relatively consistent with the test results, which indicates that the use of special sensors to detect and measure displacement has good operability. As long as the numerical simulation method of displacement is appropriate, the discharge capacity of safety valve can be predicted accurately.