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Function and Principle of Automatic Exhaust Valve

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  Introduction to automatic exhaust valve:

  During the operation of heating system and hvac system, the gas released by water during heating (such as hydrogen, oxygen, etc.) will bring many adverse effects, which will damage the system and reduce the thermal effect. If these gases cannot be discharged in time, many adverse effects will occur. Corrosion caused by oxidation; Formation of air pockets in radiators; The hot water circulation is not smooth and balanced, so that some radiator parts are not hot; Noise caused by pipeline carrying air; Circulation pump vortex phenomenon. This shows the use of automatic exhaust valve is important.

  The design of the new automatic exhaust valve takes into account all known adverse factors (such as impurities in water, oil, suspended matter, etc., turbulence caused by liquid in the valve during exhaust; Vibration of pipes and equipment connected by exhaust valve, etc. Excellent performance: no matter when the system is just running with water (when the system is just running, a large amount of gas is discharged). It can operate reliably when the system pressure is too high and the drainage and pressure relief are appropriate.

  I. characteristics of exhaust valve:

  1. Reliable performance. Exhaust valve exhaust mechanism is very reliable, in the factory before each valve through exhaust test and pressure seal test. Individual components are cast with high precision to achieve perfect assembly.

  2. Easy maintenance. Automatic exhaust is equipped with a blocking valve, which allows easy removal of the exhaust valve from the system for maintenance, and the water in the system will not flow out, so there is no need to empty the system.

  3. Only exhaust, not drain. Steam and water separation plate is designed with special structure to ensure no drainage during exhaust.

  4. As long as there is pressure in the system, the exhaust valve will exhaust continuously.

   Ii. Main USES:

  Automatic exhaust valve for: independent heating system; Central heating system; Floor radiant heating system; Solar heating system; Heat pump system; Central air-conditioning; Heating boiler, etc

  The working principle of automatic exhaust valve

  When there is air in the system, the gas is concentrated in the upper part of the exhaust valve, and the bubble accumulation in the body causes the float ball to fall with the water level, so open the exhaust piston; After the gas exhaust, the water level rises, the float also rises, close the exhaust piston. If the bonnet on the side of the body is tightened, the exhaust valve stops venting and, in general, the bonnet should be open.